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Runner Bear: il primo gioco del 2020 per Atari 8-bit

Runner Bear: il primo gioco del 2020 per Atari 8-bit

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  • Runner Bear: il primo gioco del 2020 per Atari 8-bit

    Si tratta di un platform realizzato da Paul "Playsoft" Lay, Darryl Guenther e Rob Schlortt.

    Runner Bear gira su Atari 8-bit dotati di almeno 48 kB di RAM

    ( " RUNNER BEAR for 48K Atari computers
    by Paul Lay, Darryl Guenther and Rob Schlortt
    (with thanks to Harvey Kong Tin)

    The object of the game is to run and jump for as long as you can. Avoid enemies or throw your honey at them so they meet a sticky end (or, you can jump on their heads!).
    • Collect coins for extra points.
    • Collect honeypots to increase honey.
    • Wear the magic hat for invincibility.
    • Control Bentley or the Dragon (she's tough and enemies cannot hurt her).

    - Esc: Abort game
    - Space: Pause/Resume game
    - JOYSTICK: UP=Jump DOWN=Duck LEFT=Left RIGHT=Right TRIGGER=Throw honey
    - JOY 2B+: DOWN=Duck LEFT=Left RIGHT=Right A=Jump B=Throw honey

    Hold down Jump to leap higher and fall slower. Left and right still have some effect in the air.

    On title screen:
    START - new game
    SELECT - change between Bentley Bear and Dragon
    OPTION - change controller: JOYSTICK/ JOY 2B+
    C - continue previous game
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