The Fan Game - Back to the Future Part IV - The
Multitasking crystal


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Doc and Marty are back from the misadventure that has
transported them, thanks to the time machine, in an
imaginative archipelago in the Caribbean in the time of
Doc must fix the captured spirit of Tannen Dogfish among
the professionals of the paranormal, the Ghostbusters,
while Marty, upon returning home, runs into absurd
The experiment of an eccentric scientist will complicate
the situation, accidentally tearing the plot between the
universes and attracting entities from other worlds and
alien races eager to invade the reality we know.
Once again it will be up to Marty, overwhelmed by the
events, to have to travel between ages and distant
destinations to find the fragments of a portentous crystal
in a desperate attempt to re-establish the normal flow of
the space-time continuum and finally mend the tear in the
fabric of the universe. But this time Marty will be helped
by some of the brightest and craziest minds on the planet.
Among amazing cameos, incredible locations, bizarre
characters and brainy puzzles, go into this new crazy
adventure full of irony and absurdity for real videogame
maniacs, TV series and cult movies!!

A Daniele Spadoni Production

Huey Lewis & The News - The Power of Love (Karapka's 2015 Remix)

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