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Tetris: The Musical

Tetris: The Musical

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  • Tetris: The Musical

    Penso che per le prossime partite a Tetris utilizzero questo motivetto come sottofondo

    Hey, look buddy. I'm an engineer. That means I solve problems. Not problems like, "What is beauty?," because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of 'philosophy'. I solve practical problems!

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    Hahaha Forte... Con in effetti la cattivissima e odiata Z

    "Who do you think you are, Pilgrim? You think you're better than me? I'll tell you what you are: a pain in my ass!! Do you know how long it took to get all the evil exes' contact information so I could form this stupid league? Like, two hours! TWO HOURS!"


    Sto operando...